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1. Business Strategy Consulting:

Under this service, AIRA Consulting assists clients articulate and design business strategy for existing and new markets. The scope of this service includes articulating a vision for the business, identifying the right business strategy for growth to take the company to the next level. AIRA Consulting assists its clients in creating a compelling vision and a process for communicating the vision among the employees. AIRA Consulting also assists client leadership teams to make an informed decision of business strategy that would help propel the company leap forward. As part of this service AIRA Consulting works with the client to critically evaluate the current business processes and systems and align them to the overall strategy. AIRA Consulting works with clients to translate strategies into time bound action plans for roll out.

2. Business Process:

Business Process is the underlying continuity in the business. A strong business process enhances information flow seamlessly across the organization. It also throws up opportunities and threats well before they become critical for the client leadership to act.

AIRA Consulting works with clients to create robust business processes that link various functions seamlessly. This enables the entrepreneur to remain in control of the business so critical in a small organization yet not be seen too involved in the day to – day operations. Whether it is a SME or a start up, the biggest challenge for scale up is the entrepreneur’s high personal involvement in day-to-day operations. While this is critical in the initial stages, this precisely becomes an impediment for growth. The entrepreneur’s dilemma of expanding the organization without losing control is addressed through robust business processes. AIRA Consulting works with clients to create a set of business processes that are customized to the client’s requirement and scaleable to the potential of the business.

3. Sales and Marketing:

Under this service, AIRA Consulting assists clients in building a competitive sales and marketing program. Quite often we find clients using a sales process that served them well in the past but has not kept pace with the changes in both internal organization requirements and customer expectation. AIRA Consulting assists its clients to upgrade their sales and marketing process to meet challenges of growth. AIRA Consulting works with its clients to redefine sales and marketing tools, processes, systems and skills to enable clients emerge as stronger and more sharply customer focused organizations.

4. People Process Consulting:

Under this service AIRA Consulting helps clients develop optimum human resources to meet growth plans. AIRA Consulting assists in organization design, manpower assessment, recruitment and selection, training need analysis, training, compensation benchmarking, HR processes and practices. Human resources are the final differentiator between a successful organization and the not so successful one. AIRA Consulting works towards building human resource strengths to implement the client’s business strategy.

5. Handholding:

SMEs and Start-Ups do not have the luxury of large organizations that can implement the report of a consultant. AIRA Consulting therefore works closely with client organizations to ensure implementation of the recommendations. This are in the form of participating in selection process for key employees to training of the client personnel on business processes or a new sales system to being part of top management review of implementation; AIRA Consulting supports clients by handholding in the implementation phase.

The AIRA client engagement model therefore is comprehensive, customized to a client requirement and aims to maximize the business potential for the client.

The five verticals are staffed with professional carefully selected, with appropriate experience and proven capability in their domains.

"AIRA Consulting has worked closely with the management and team of Glint. We were quite impressed with their understanding of the workings of SMEs and their ability to customize solutions to our unique requirements. They not only suggest innovative solutions but also assist us in implementing them so that we see tangible benefits. We wish them the very best!."
Puneet Chopra
"We found AIRA Consulting approach hands on and their ideas focused on our problems. AIRA Consulting talks the SME language and their expertise has helped us a lot.."
Shrimant Tathe
Director, Bartech Data Systems

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